Faith Lutheran Church
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You have made a decision to get married, and to make those lifetime commitments and promises to one another that signify your love for each other.

We are happy to share in this special celebration with you. We believe God can play a most important role in strengthening and enhancing your love for one another.

By considering a wedding at Faith Lutheran Church (or at a site of your choosing outside of the church) we assume that you are also eager to include this spiritual and faith dimension in your relationship. We celebrate with you!

Here at Faith we also want to be a part of your life long after the day of your wedding. We hope this will be a place where you can feel nurtured in your faith, and where you can share the talents and abilities with which you have been blessed by God.

For more information, please contact Pastor John Collins at 732/267-7338. He would love to talk more about your special day.

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