Faith Lutheran Church
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We Believe

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We Are Lutherans in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) are Christians who trust Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We share a common faith with other Christians who affirm the Bible as sacred Scripture and accept the ancient creeds as accurate summaries of our faith. Lutherans are unique only in our history and emphasis on salvation through faith alonea1

We believe in the Triune God – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. We acknowledge one God in three persons. We believe that God the Father is the Creator of all that exists, and that God continues to be active in the lives of people today. God is passionate about His creation, loves it deeply, and desires that our lives be filled with love and joy.

We believe that human beings are born with an inner rebellion against God’s authority, and that rebellion separates us from God. Sin is the name Scripture gives this rebellion. We are powerless to bridge the gap between ourselves and God. Unless this gap is healed, we live and die apart from God.

Jesus Christ
We believe that while God has revealed Himself in many ways throughout history, He is most fully known in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, is fully God and fully human The most important event in Christian history is the death and resurrection of Jesus. On the cross God makes Himself present, hidden in weakness, vulnerability and suffering. In the cross we learn that we do not need to find God by being good or holy. Instead God finds us in our darkness, pain, emptiness and weakness.
By God’s grace we learn to see the cross as God reaching out to us. And in Jesus’ resurrection, we see God’s power to liberate us from sin and death. By our faith in Jesus’ sacrifice, our sin is forgiven and we are made right with God, freed to be all that God created us to be.

The Bible
We believe that the Bible is the living Word of God. It is the primary means by which God’s Spirit enters our lives, calling us to repentance and faith. When we hear God’s Word, God breaks into our lives shattering old ways and creating new life, new values and new commitment. Lutherans do not tend to understand the Bible literally, nor do we worship the Bible. Instead, we seek to leave ourselves open to the work of God’s Spirit through the words of the Bible.